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Operator: Call Management Application - Overview

Manage calls professionally and efficiently.

Operator: Call Management Application

NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) and Enghouse Interactive Communication Centre (EICC) are streamlined, easy to use applications that can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any size business. The solution is able to integrate contact centre functionality with unified messaging, rich presence, mobility and desktop telephony applications for NEC, Cisco and Microsoft communication servers. Operator is one of many NEC applications, which can form part of a complete unified communications/contact centre solution or function as a standalone application.

Operator is a highly functional call management software application designed to allow operators and receptionists to manage incoming calls professionally and efficiently. Operators can view caller details before answering the call and the status of all extensions is displayed on the operator’s PC, allowing them to take an individual approach to each call.

Business drivers

  • Your operator is the front window to your company. Show your customers how efficiently you handle their inquiries from the very beginning of each relationship, and they will have confidence in your company right from the start.
  • Anticipating a caller’s request, based on the information provided for the operator, enables efficient and effective call handling, maximising resource and increasing your customers’ satisfaction with their calling experience.
  • Giving your operator the tools to handle calls easily and effectively increases their own job satisfaction, helping you to retain your premium staff in a mobile job market.
  • Anyone with a PC can run Operator, so without any additional hardware, you can setup backup operators amongst any of your admin staff.
  • Operator is an appealing, intuitive application that new operators pick up easily. If your office needs to hire a temp to cover your front desk receptionist and operator, you can keep the handover to the minimum.

Learn more about NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) suite of applications and how they may benefit your business.

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