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Operator: Call Management Application - Other features and benefits

Operator: Call Management Application

As well as the key, standard operator functionality, UCB Operator offers additional functionality specifically developed to enhance the application for operator use.

Varied operational modes
Allow the operator to quickly (with one mouse click) adjust the delivery and destination of the operator calls as required, ensuring the incoming call flow remains even and uninterrupted.

Phonebook database access
For a complete list of all internal staff members and important external numbers. Because the Phone book can be maintained centrally, each user automatically has the latest contact details on hand.

Call history
The Recent Calls view displays inbound and outbound calls, including missed calls, allowing the operator to respond to important missed calls. Phone numbers are included when Caller ID is available as well as contact details if the contact is stored in the UCB Phonebook database.

Record conversation capability
Operators can save processing time and avoid potential inaccuracy by recording the caller as they are speaking. The message is saved directly into the user’s mailbox so no extra paperwork or message relay is required. Requires voice messaging integration.

Park and Page
Allows the operator to park a call for any extension and select the automatic page function. This reduces a 6-or-more-step process to 2 clicks of the mouse, and allows the operator to proceed with other waiting calls. Requires voice messaging integration.

Advanced Park
On parking the call, the operator can enter notes against it, to inform whoever retrieves the call from Park of any particulars they should know.

Desk-to-desk chat facility
Allows the operator to easily communicate with staff even when they are on the phone. For example, they can advise the recipient that a caller is waiting and who it is, or that they have someone waiting at reception.

Ability to operate as a standalone application
Alternatively, the application is able to integrate with unified messaging, contact centre and multimedia if required.

Hotkey and short-cut call processing
Give keyboard access to all Operator functionality, minimising occupational strain injuries.

Operator is licensed on a per concurrent user basis
Allowing organisations to set up primary and back up operator scenarios to cover a variety of office environments.

In-built web browser
Operator remains the active window even when the operator is browsing the internet.

Tool tip information
Dynamically describes available functions.

Fax management
Operators can send and receive faxes (feature is platform specific), as well as viewing and distributing faxes for other mailbox owners, allowing them to centrally manage your enterprise’s fax communications without leaving their desk or requiring extra equipment.

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