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Operator: Call Management Application - Key benefits and features

Operator: Call Management Application

Full incoming call visibility allows operators to see how many calls are waiting at any time, and who the calls are, so they can adjust their call processing pace as required. While talking to one caller, the operator may continue processing other calls.

Using Calling Line ID and a database lookup, operators receive the caller’s name and any relevant notes, as the call arrives. Based on this information, they can make decisions on how to answer calls and in what order; for example they can prioritise top customer calls, so that those customers are never kept waiting.

Monitoring of internal extensions
The status of all extensions is displayed on the operator’s PC, enabling an individual approach to each call. Operators can see which staff members are on the phone, in a meeting or out of the office, and view the expected time of return. Then the operator can redirect the call – to another extension, to the user’s mailbox or else to a cell phone – all from a single operator screen.

Multiple operator functionality
Allows customised call delivery options. Calls can be distributed evenly, or on a primary/backup basis, to more than one console operator. Access to Operator from PCs around the office means there are no setup hassles if someone needs to assist with incoming calls. There is no need to relocate to another desk – the changeover process is just one mouse-click.

Simplified operator interface
Simple graphical call management functions provide confident call control even for new operators or temporary workers. Operators can manage calls professionally with simple point and click functionality to answer, transfer, hold, or make calls. One-touch call handling reduces call processing times and associated labour costs.

Incoming call management options
All of the organisations in-dial numbers can be configured individually, enabling administrators to set different options for call priority and delivery. UCB Operator is ideal for multi-company sites or serviced offices.

Progress announcements
On a per-operator queue basis. This means that if a caller has to wait to speak with the operator then they can be played a range of announcements while in the queue.

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