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IIC Console - Features

IIC Console features hero

Call routing

Effective call routing ensures calls are directed to the person with the most relevant skills for the caller. IIC Console leverages integration to customer’s directory databases or billing systems to provide operators with up to date employee, business unit, and department details allowing them to efficiently route callers to the most appropriate person or group. This ensures callers aren’t answered by random people and leads to more efficient handling of caller enquiries and improved customer perception of the organisation.

Telephony desktop integration

The IIC  Console offers a range of ways for calls to be handled and managed. These ensure the operating staff are more efficient and the customer experience is optimised.

Screen pop

A screen pop is a feature that automatically displays all of the relevant caller information on the IIC Console’s screen during a call.

Directory searching

The ability to easily search for contact information you’re looking for saves time and improves the customer experience.

Directory integration

This will provide accurate, up-to-date staff contact details to the operators and allow a single point of entry for directory updates.

Performance reporting

Detailed reports allow businesses to better utilise staff and provides trending information to enable more effective resource planning and improved customer service.


The IIC Console has been developed with ease of use in mind, whilst providing operators and managers with the features and functionality required to delivery exceptional service. Managers can monitor peaks and troughs in switchboard call load as well as individual operator activity and performance.

Integration with NEC UNIVERGE communication platforms

IIC Console leverages NEC Open Application Interface (OAI) feature for integration to the NEC UNIVERGE communication platform. IIC Console is supported with:

  • Enterprise Communication Platform : SV9500 and SV8500
  • SBM Communication Platform : SV9300 and SV8300
  • OAI option licence enabled on the UNIVERGE communication platform
  • Each operator requires a Digital or IP multi-line terminal
  • UNIVERGE systems networked over CCIS No 7 or Fusion®

Refer to the IIC Console brochure for detailed descriptions on the above features and functions, including IIC Console system requirements.

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