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IIC Console - Benefits

IIC Console benefits hero

Easy to use with minimal training

The IIC Console is a fully IP-based solution that has been developed from the ground up with the latest Microsoft technologies. The console has been designed to be both easy to install and use. Screen layout is clear and logically organised, optimised to improve operator efficiency when handling a high volume of calls.

The simple, intuitive operation and powerful directory makes training new and relief operators easier and less costly. Call control buttons are large and clearly labelled. A customised USB keyboard is available from NEC with colour-coded labelled keys to make it easier to operate the IIC Console such as answering and transferring calls.

Improved customer service and staff productivity

The key to delivering fast and efficient communication flow is by having the right contact information at your fingertips. The IIC Console offers a highly flexible integration capability to many common databases including Microsoft Active Directory, and supports enhanced directory searching capability using dynamic search function.

The comprehensive phone directory can be integrated to most company-wide directory services. This will provide accurate, up-to-date staff contact details to the operators and allow a single point of entry for directory updates. Alternatively, the IIC can connect to existing databases or integrate to a variety of call accounting directories.

The IIC Console also has a range of features designed to enable operators to handle enquiries in the timeliest manner possible. These can lead to greater staff productivity and an improved customer experience.

Scalable and flexible

The IIC Console is easily scalable and suitable for the smallest business right up to the largest enterprise including hospitals, hotels, universities and government customers with high call volumes.

The flexible licencing scheme allows other staff to have the solution installed on their desktops and to act as relief operators when required. Licencing only limits the number of active consoles running, plus the management reporting tool can be installed on any desktop.

The solution offers flexible deployment options, supporting traditional telephony or converged infrastructures. The IIC Console is offered as a software only solution, supporting appliance and virtual implementations adhering to customers’ standard operating environments.

Reporting for simplified decision making

The IIC Console can provide detailed reports, allowing businesses to better utilise staff by ensuring daily activities are appropriately resourced.

The console reports will help managers to monitor peaks and troughs in switchboard call load as well as individual operator activity and performance. It can provide trending information to better plan the number of operators required during the day or plan when staff need to perform other business requirements.

A variety of chart and tabular reports are available on call, queue and operator activity by month, day or hour. Reports can include abandoned calls and average time to answer statistics. Furthermore, some basic call statistics are shown on the console to help motivate operators e.g. a record of calls that have been answered and dialled.

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