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UC Integration: UNIVERGE OW5000 - Custom Applications

OW5000 Custom Applications

Tailor your communications to meet your business needs

Every business is different and Unified Communications is not a one size fits all proposition. To help you integrate your people and their devices with your communications and business processes, NEC created the UNIVERGE OW5000.

It opens up a new world, where controlling your NEC communications platform is easy.

OW5000 provides a number API’s using industry standard protocols and methods putting you back in control.

Quick and effortless development

Whether you are a partner developer or a customer, the UNIVERGE OW5000 gives you the tools you need to get the job done.

As the world embraces voice and data merging, you need new development tools to support your IT applications. The OW5000 supports your SOA development with web services for call management and information.

The UNIVERGE OW5000 at a glance

  • NEC partner development platform: we work with you to develop products and services for your customers or your own business
  • Integrated presence engine
  • Powerful platform that supports advanced NEC applications
  • Open standards support to unite your systems and processes

What can be done with OW5000 API's?

  • Control any phone connected to the NEC phone network
  • Get real-time call status notifications
  • Set / clear call forwards
  • View call history
  • Presence / Instant Messaging
  • Directory / buddy lists

Supported protocols and programming languages

  • CSTA (over SIP)
  • SOAP
  • .Net / C++ / Java

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