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Messaging Solution: UM4730 - UNIVERGE 360

Our working environment is in a constant state of flux with organisations of all types continually looking for new ways of generating revenue, controlling costs and optimising productivity. Communication technologies (voice, email, instant messaging, SMS, IP telephony, voicemail, video conferencing) and their underlying networks such as the Internet, broadband, Wi-Fi and 3G are also evolving, forcing companies to re-evaluate their information technology strategies.

The challenge facing businesses is to embrace and harness the potential benefits of these technologies. The result must be a complete communications strategy that is available and usable by everyone, it must empower individuals and teams, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.

At NEC, we understand these challenges and offer advanced solutions to help businesses meet and surpass their operational and business objectives. We call this holistic approach UNIVERGE360, and it is designed to efficiently, and cost effectively prepare organisations for the opportunities available today, and for those of tomorrow.

By uniting all business communication devices (including mobile handsets, PDAs, soft phones and other IP devices) UNIVERGE360 accelerates decision-making and dramatically improves customer responsiveness. It incorporates business data through a serviceoriented architecture resulting in information being instantly accessed and transformed into real knowledge.

The result? You’re truly in the driver’s seat.

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