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Messaging Solution: UM4730 - Benefits

UM4730 can deliver countless benefits to how your business communicates.

Benefits include:

Direct IP integration eases installation and maintenance

The UM4730 features a customised IP integration to your NEC Univerge telephony server. A single ethernet connection is all that’s needed to provide up to 16 simultaneous Voice over IP (VoIP) connections, provide accurate message taking, reliable message lamp control and message delivery.

This also makes the UM4730 easy to install and maintain. The UM4730 saves time by directly connecting you to your mailbox to retrieve messages instead of requiring you to access a main call processing system first. IP integration simplifies and enhances the entire voice messaging process by combining messaging functions into one comprehensive voice/unified messaging system.

ViewMail and ViewMail for Microsoft Messaging

ViewMail and ViewMail for Microsoft Messaging applications allow you to visually manage your messages using your desktop PC. Organise and sort messages on screen in any order and see details about them at a glance.

ViewCall Plus puts you in control

ViewCall Plus call control application gives you total control over your incoming and outgoing telephone traffic by managing calls on your Windows standard PC. Dial, answer, transfer, hold screen and even conduct conference calls with a click of a mouse.

Mailbox manager lets you customise your settings

The robust user interface allows users to configure and control their personal mailbox settings, greetings, security code, notification settings, distribution groups, conversation preferences and much more from their own desktop.

Advanced automated attendant - a customer-friendly interface

Automated attendant can answer and route calls as a primary answering point or be customised to manage calls during certain hours or from specified ports. Using the UM4730’s routing boxes, an unlimited number of menu trees can be created to best suit the needs of your business, providing flexibility and expandability.

Customisable voice prompts provide a personal touch

All prompts may be re-recorded on site, personalising the first point of contact for your customers.

Multilingual prompt sets provide helpful language options

Choose from a variety of prompt sets, including English, Spanish, German and French, to meet the language needs of your employees and customers.

Intuitive and intelligent telephone user interfaces keep it simple

Multiple conversational interfaces give both first time and experienced users immediate access to UM4730 via the telephone. Using the “1 for yes and 2 for no” option, you can access all functions by responding to simple questions. To quickly jump to specific options or features using the numbered keypad, the Menu Mode conversation is a powerful and flexible option.

Easy to maintain

The administration console is intuitive and accessible via a web browser interface. A status monitor utility monitors the voice messaging system as it answers and routes calls. Online reports provide details on events such as, incoming calls, system structure, subscriber enrolment, extension lists, message groups, busy ports, and call logs.

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