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NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Solution - Benefits

Improving the way you work

Your people don’t just want to talk, they want to collaborate. A Unified Communications solution allows your staff to join collaborative communities where they can work together on projects, sharing thoughts and ideas, in real time - regardless of location.

Mobile staff

In-built mobility keeps customers and sales people connected via a single published phone number - from any location on any device. WLAN and DECT mobile handsets allow employees to stay in touch anywhere in the office, making them more responsive to customer needs.



The IP video door-phone functionality enables audio and visual monitoring of entrances which increases facility security.


IT Manager

The centralised management functionality allows IT personnel to connect to the network locally or remotely. Enables staff to easily maintain all communication servers on the network from a single location.


Customer interaction

The Auto-Attendant feature plays a greeting to all callers and ensures that they are routed to the correct department/person.



The NEC UC Suite provides receptionists with a pop-up window that displays caller information and enables them to answer calls, see colleague’s availability, transfer, park or take a message with a simple mouse click or a drag-and-drop.


Contact Centre

The UNIVERGE SV9100 Contact Centre provides a detailed view of call activity of all agents – statistics can be used to reduce abandoned calls and follow up on missed calls. Callers are kept informed with periodic announcements.


Office worker

The conference feature allows employees to effortlessly set up a virtual meeting for colleagues on short notice, wherever they are, enabling faster business decision making, as well as reducing travel time and expenses.


Remote / home worker

UC Suite enables employees to use either their desktop phone or softphone at a remote or home office location to communicate with colleagues with the same ease as if they were in the office.

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