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NEC SL1100 Communications Solution - Small Business - Benefits

Lowers your costs - competitive starting price and a low cost terminal range plus the option to choose from multiple carrier interfaces including SIP, the SL1100 lets you take advantage of VoIP technology to reduce your call costs.

Increases your productivity – time saving and intuitive handset features that the whole team can use, without the need for training including shortcuts that speed up working processes. Built in Auto attendant routes calls automatically to the right person without the need for receptionist intervention enabling a more efficient and responsive level of customer service.

Flexibility for mobile employees – Use an IP phone or mobile extension in a remote or home office location to communicate with colleagues with the same ease as if you were in the office.

Remain reachable on the road – carry your office number with you using mobile extension and access your voicemail messages from your desktop or mobile phones and even email inbox, ensuring you never miss an important call.

Improved customer service – mobility solutions for quicker customer responses from wherever you are along with Caller ID to help you identify and offer personalised service to the caller.

Reach crucial business decisions faster – built in conference bridge provides  a convenient option for arranging meetings with up  to 16 people.

Scalable solution that can expand and grow with your business –  with the option to add extras when you need them and easily scale  the system  up or down as your business requirements change to a maximum of 64 handsets.

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