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Quality Management Suite - SMB - Features


Screen recording and live monitoring

As well as capturing the call, the desktop activity can also be recorded, enabling supervisors to easily identify broken processes and improve the customer experience. Supervisors can also monitor in real time to coach and fix issues immediately.

Desktop utility

Start, stop and pause recordings directly from the desktop. As well as controlling the recording in real time, information can be tagged to the specific recording using flags.

Unified user interface

All modules are available from a single web-based user interface requiring minimal training.

Score cards

The Evaluation module allows supervisors to score staff against a range of criteria from greeting the caller correctly, providing the customer with the correct information, to up-selling products.

Multi-language support

Authorised users can mark captured interactions - call recordings and desktop video—using customisable flags, enabling businesses to easily search and retrieve interactions and capture critical business data with the interaction recordings.

Analyse recordings

When used alongside NEC’s optional real-time speech analytics solution, you gain the ability to analyse recordings or update score cards automatically in real-time.

API access

APIs leverage the value of interaction recordings with other existing business systems such as CRMs.