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Information Security - Solutions

NEC Australia offers a number of information security services:

Identity lifecycle management

  • Identity lifecycle management covers all stages associated with corporate identities, including, user on and off boarding, identity provisioning and de-provisioning, self-service user management and business process workflows.
  • Our implementation service involves NEC supporting the project design, implementation, training and support needs to ensure your identity project is delivered smoothly. NEC provides customers with the option to deploy either on-premise or in NEC’s private cloud infrastructure.

Identity management as a service

Utilising NEC’s Private Cloud services capabilities, the following solutions are fully implemented and managed by NEC.

Identity governance as a service


  • Our identity baseline service is powered by Oracle Identity Governance and aims to measure the degree of error in your identity management ecosystem. Our consultants will work with you to undertake an audit of your corporate identity assets, access entitlements and their levels (as a one-off engagement) and document our findings in a comprehensive report.

Identity management as a Service

  • NEC’s Identity management as a Service (IDMaaS) provides management of corporate identities in the cloud, including services for software, platform and infrastructure services in both the private and public cloud. NEC’s IDMaaS makes identity a transparent part of business applications. At the same time, organisations can also ensure consistency in authentication, authorisation, administration and auditing. NEC is capable of implementing identity and access management solutions with an identity platform for all identity-enabled enterprise applications.

Access management as a service

  • Our authorisation and authentication service will help you build and implement authentication and authorisation policies to govern user log in and post log in activities into required business applications and related sessions.
  • Our single-sign-on service will help you configure a centralised login page which entitles access across all your target applications with one authorised login.
  • Our federated identity management service provides a seamless integration across all your IT applications. NEC will also provide you with a framework for complete and safe access across all these applications and data.

Industry applications

NEC has an enviable track record of delivering successful information security projects to small and large private and public sector organisations in industries ranging from government, health and education to emergency services, mining and financial services.

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