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Cyber Security - Benefits

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Organisations are typically unable to cope with the complexity of cyber security threats and struggle to fill knowledge and skills gaps, or make the initial investments needed to provide suitable support and technology.

Adoption of cloud services amongst the majority of organisations is also causing visibility and control issues, which hold back adopting new, innovative technologies due to unknown risks.

Benefits of an NEC Managed Security Service

- Adoption of newer, cutting edge technologies to drive innovation

- Alignment to compliance, governance and policy standards

- End-to-end protection - from endpoint to cloud offering improved peace of mind

- Enhanced protection of staff and customer data

- NEC Security Operations Centre team - leverage expert analysis, escalation and incident handling

- Reduced overall cost of service ownership

- Greater visibility and control of real-time threats

- Improved security posture

- Privileged threat analytics - shortens an attacker's window of opportunity, reduces potential damage, accelerates remediation and accelerates time to value

- Reduced risk profile

- Service operates 24 x 7 x 365 - the always-on service provides out of hours coverage, improving visibility and enables businesses to improve overall security awareness and reduce risk round the clock.

- The right mix of local, national and global capability to deliver the entire scope of cyber security services

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