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NeoFace Facial Recognition - Solutions

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NeoFace Smart ID

In response to the advancement, proliferation, and widespread adoption of smartphone and tablet devices, NEC has developed mobile solutions to support law enforcement, public safety, and security agencies with their field operations. NeoFace Smart ID is a mobile application for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smartphones and tablets equipped with multi-biometric capture capability. NEC’s NeoFace Smart ID can capture facial images, fingerprints, and voice in addition to descriptive data.

The solution allows operators in the field to rapidly identify persons without ID credentials based upon an AFIS or facial recognition search. Skilled operators can use NeoFace Smart ID to collect evidence at crime scenes and, if necessary, perform lights-out latent searches of the AFIS to expedite the success of their investigations. The NEC NeoFace Smart ID can be employed in the NeoFace systems, existing NEC AFIS solutions, or selectively in ANSI/NIST ITL or NIST WS-BD environments.

NeoFace Watch

Security threats are a growing concern at international and national levels, as well as within commercial organisations. With the threats to international borders, governments are ordering reviews of their security arrangements at airports, seaports and public transportation hubs. Law enforcement agencies are also charged with identifying wanted individuals in public places. In addition, security and facilities managers need to keep known undesirables and unknowns off their premises, as well as identifying returning VIPs to a facility.

NEC’s NeoFace Watch solution is specifically designed to integrate with existing surveillance systems by extracting faces in real time from existing video surveillance systems and matching against a watch list of individuals. When the system identifies an individual of interest from the watch list, it raises an alert, so appropriate actions can be taken rapidly to reduce the risk of public safety threats.

NeoFace Reveal

The amount of mugshot data law enforcement agencies must process from real-time videos, online digital media and hardcopy photographs is growing at a rapid rate. Additionally, suspects cannot always be relied upon to provide their true identities, taxing stretched resources even further. Leveraging face recognition technology to automatically search, process, and match facial images can unlock the information held in large digital mugshot databases to expedite criminal investigations and solve more crimes.

NEC’s NeoFace Reveal is a latent face workstation providing law enforcement and crime laboratory agencies the ability to enhance poor quality latent face images, search against their mugshot repositories, and locate potential candidates. NeoFace Reveal allows authorities to match facial images against these potential candidates, ranking the database images against the probe image and providing a ranked candidate list. The solution allows operators to easily scroll through and review the candidate list, enabling a quick assessment by skilled experts.

NeoFace Welcome

NeoFace Welcome is a portable kiosk that uses a person’s face as the unique key to unlock new customer experiences. The integrated touch-screen allows visitors and customers to interact with a personalised welcome and to access a programmable set of options.

A new or returning visitor will be exposed to a personalised welcome and a programmable set of options. Visitor actions through this interface can trigger a set of actions, permissions or the release of certain information. On-screen content and speech can be dynamically presented based on who it is, the age, gender or how long they are present. Additional information can be added to the equation e.g. time of day, weather, news, company info etc. Only limited by your imagination!

The system will generate greater value if it integrates with other IT systems. NeoFace Welcome has the capacity to integrate with Customer Relationship Management, Visitor Management, and Point of Sale systems. The integration of other data points will help to enhance the customer experience. Optionally, facial recognition can be executed in the cloud to support distributed kiosks.

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