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NeoFace Facial Recognition - Benefits

Neoface commerical applications

Harnessing the benefits of facial recognition for non-security based uses can provide organisations with a number of benefits in terms of improving customer service and enhanced business intelligence, as well as offering a real competitive advantage. Many opportunities exist to use face recognition in the hospitality, leisure and retail markets to promote better and more personalised service levels to important customers as well as the prevention of undesirable visitors.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is important, whether it is to simply alert personnel to the presence of an important customer or to automate access to a specific area to improve the customer experience. In other instances, the identification of a key customer in the database can trigger an alert or work process for personnel to perhaps provide some degree of special attention. The solution works by matching the captured image in the customer database. Alerts can then be sent to key personnel, along with enhanced data on the individual.

Queue monitoring

Queues are an annoyance, inefficient and a potential health and safety issue. NeoFace measures the movement of people between multiple points, providing information on queue length and waiting time. Alerts can then be triggered allowing staff to take remedial action such as opening new access or check points to help reduce queue lengths and times. Public areas can be monitored anonymously and real-time alerts generated when the area becomes too busy or overcrowded, reducing the risk to public safety.

Business intelligence

Facial recognition can also be used to monitor, measure and collect data about people in a specific area to gather priceless intelligence to improve business activities and operations. For example, this can include counting people, age, gender, facial expressions and time in the area. This data can be collated and analysed retrospectively or can even be used dynamically to trigger a real time event such as changing a message or content on digital signage. Understanding more about the people in a specific area can help organisations to tailor activities to gain both commercial and customer experience benefits.

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