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LiveScan - Product Portfolio

LS 200 Applicant Processing

Leveraging the latest technology, LS 200 offers the following advanced features:

  • FBI–certified to meet the IAFIS Image Quality Specifications (IQS); compatible with IAFIS
  • AccuKeystroke™ descriptor entry function prevents the operator from making an invalid text entry; reducing time, frustration and submission rejections
  • Driver License Reader captures all information about the applicant without the hassle of typing in the information manually, improving data entry accuracy
  • HandGuider™ precisely guides the operator to position the fingerprints accurately and consistently. The operator will be notified immediately when fingerprints are captured out of sequence, allowing for fingerprint image reposition without having to rescan. Automatically and individually contrast each fingerprint image to ensure the best possible images are taken.
  • Personalised AutoCapture allows each operator to set the auto capture timing at their comfort level and optionally eliminates the need for foot switch during capture
  • RapidQC™ visually displays all fingerprint capture performance, allowing every operator to achieve excellent results
  • Quality algorithm detects backend matching system accuracy through complex neural network logic
  • XML-based business logic engine eliminates the need to modify the source code when new rules are applied
  • Rescan Management™ tracks multiple retakes and allows the operator to select prior/better attempts.

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