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LiveScan - Overview

LiveScan is the fast and effective digital way to identify criminals.

LiveScan Brochure[1] 2

Quick-capture digital prints

Capture accurate, quality digital fingerprints and palmprints with our LiveScan products. They use the latest biometrics technology to meet your civil and law enforcement identification needs. With LiveScan, you can put fingerprints and palmprints directly into a digital format, without using ink and paper.

How LiveScan works

LiveScan is easy to use. Simply capture the prints and send them electronically in a matter of minutes. This quick capture-to-booking system lets you set data interchanges and business rules, get certifications and adapt to new scanner hardware.

You also receive immediate NFIQ (National Institute of Standards and Technology Fingerprint Image Quality) rating feedback with Rescan Management™ and can switch seamlessly between multiple languages.

NEC’s LiveScan can adapt to legislation changes and law enforcement needs. There is also less chance of redundant data entry, thanks to the full, two-way XML data interchange.

With one click, you can easily upgrade the software with little technical knowledge.

The complete family of LiveScan products includes:

  • LS 200 to process applicants
  • LS 300 to process criminals
  • LS 400 kiosk solution: a one-stop shop for identification and processing

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