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LiveScan - Benefits

Our suite of LiveScan products offer you:


With no ink involved in the booking process, the LiveScan offers a better way to produce high quality fingerprint images. It prevents many of the problems associated with ink prints, such as smudging, out of sequence prints, smearing and over or under-inking - reducing rejection rates.


Processing speed is a major benefit of LiveScan. Digitising fingerprint images enables them to be transmitted electronically in a matter of seconds. LiveScan’s image capture process features a preview capability, allowing each fingerprint to be displayed in real-time during capture, providing immediate positive identification often while the booking is still in progress.


LiveScan products have evolved from standalone capture devices to sophisticated systems integrated with multiple databases. Images can be captured, transmitted to a central location, and interfaced with an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for identification processing. When connected with an AFIS, LiveScan can automatically initiate electronic transmissions to state and local AFIS, remote identification bureaus and enforcement agencies, which streamlines the entire criminal checking process.

Ease of use

LiveScan features an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-follow menu that requires minimal training and accelerates user adoption. LiveScan, finger-image capture, printing, storage and transmission are accomplished at one ergonomic workstation, making it very easy to use.

NEC quality and reliability

NEC’s innovative, high performance biometrics solutions have been serving the needs of law enforcement for decades. NEC helped pioneer the automation of fingerprint matching back in the late 1970’s and has remained one of the premier providers of this technology ever since. LiveScan is designed to equip law enforcement agencies with a fast and accurate tool they need to efficiently and effectively identify criminals.

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