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Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner - Specifications

  • Product number: HS100-10
  • Sensor method: NEC Original Fusion Method
  • DPI: Higher than 600dpi
  • Environment: Ambient
  • Temp range: 5-35 Degrees Celsius
  • Relative humidity range:20-80%
  • Lightiong environment: Less than 3,000Lux
  • Power consumption: 2.5VA or less
  • Dimentions: Unit:52(W)×89(D)×48(H)mm Cable:1.5m
  • Weight: Less than 90g
  • Interface: USB2.0
  • RoHS: Comply
  • Bio API: Comply
  • Operating system: Windows7*,Windows Vista*,Windows XP Professional

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