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Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner - Overview

The contactless hybrid finger scanner is the simple, secure solution to protect your PC.

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Simple and secure scanning

Protect your PC from unauthorised access with our new generation fingerprint and finger vein scanner.

The easy to use HS100-10 features an improved optical sensor and NEC’s original finger data capturing method. This defends your computer and keeps your identity secure.

How the hybrid finger scanner works

The HS100-10 scans both your fingerprint and finger veins at the same time. Known as multimodal identification, this makes it difficult for imposters to log in to your computer. It also provides greater accuracy when scanning.

The scanner is simple to use - simply connect it to your PC with a USB cable and power supply.

The HS100-10 finger scanner at a glance

  • superior fingerprint matching
  • greater accuracy and security, with the Fusion Identification Method
  • easy to use and lightweight
  • works with moist and dry fingers
  • highly reliable, as it is equipped with our unique finger matching algorithm. can be used with Windows7*, Windows Vista* and Windows XP Professional

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