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AFIS Fingerprint Identification - Overview

See why more than 65 per cent of the world’s fingerprints are stored on AFIS.


Fast and effective fingerprinting

When working in dangerous situations, you need accurate information to make quick decisions. NEC AFIS uses biometrics technologies to help you reduce your risk and enjoy greater productivity in the field.

Why choose AFIS fingerprint identification

With NEC AFIS, you benefit from the latest fingerprint and palmprint identification technology. The tool is world-renowned for its accurate matching, which is unparalleled in the industry.

NEC AFIS is recognised for its technical excellence. We have also built up a strong reputation worldwide, particularly in law enforcement fields. As we are also a world leader in computer and communications hardware and software, you benefit from our wide range of expertise as the only AFIS vendor that provides hardware, software, and customer support under one name.

Discover the most advanced biometrics security tool in the law enforcement market today. You’ll also find NEC AFIS to be the best investment for your future identification needs.

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