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Network Implementation - Features


Pre-staging involves the preliminary construction of a technology solution using the components your organisation may have already purchased (both hardware and software).

Pre-staging your solution in a controlled laboratory environment, helps to deliver a fully operational, fully integrated solution. It allows technology to be thoroughly tested before it is integrated into your business – ensuring a smooth transition with minimal business disruption. Pre-staging also allows NEC to create configuration templates for your solution. These templates can then be applied across all components and fine tuned during the actual implementation.

As part of NEC’s laboratory environment simulated disasters can be run to test Customer training processes and DR technology in Business continuity verification exercises.

Outsourcing solutions

Outsourcing can provide organisations with a range of benefits including increased flexibility, increased efficiencies and cost savings. NEC’s outsourcing solutions mean your organisation doesn’t need to hire new staff to implement a specific technology project.

NEC Business Solutions can provide a range of outsourcing options – we can supply both permanent and temporary staff, or can even recruit staff on your behalf. People can be supplied to match a skill set your business requires, or to manage an important project. They can also be based onsite at your premises on certain weekdays.

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