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NEC Field Analyst - Features

Directional counting, no personal information recorded, reporting package

Age, Gender & More

FieldAnalyst detects facial images and classifies their age and gender into groups in real-time. FieldAnalyst provides these customer attributes by using CCTV cameras. The system collects and processes this information for marketing analysis or real-time effective advertising using digital signage.

The advantages of this NEC solution are speed, accuracy and the ability to integrate into other real-time analysis or reaction based solutions.


Measurement of attention to the targeted content is based upon the amount of time spent engaged with the content being displayed. It provides an important statistic for the Content Creator to understand how much involvement a target segment has actually given to the content.


Control the content of in-store digital signage displays, provide some wow-factor in a retail environment or collect and display nationwide statistics in real-time.


People are detected and tracked for counting purposes in real-time. Faces are also detected and analysed in real-time. The output of the analysis can then be used immediately for reporting, statistics or to change the customer experience via control systems.


The system provides comparable levels of accuracy as a human, but performs faster and consistently.

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