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Information Management - Solutions

NEC’s information management offerings address common business issues like data integration, data quality and information governance.

Our Information Management solutions

NEC provides expert consulting on technology agnostic solutions targeted to resolve your business issues by focusing on People, Process and Technology. NEC understands that not all customers are the same and our technology agnostic Information Management roadmap takes into consideration your existing technology investment and how best to leverage them. NEC partners with major industry partners and our Information Management solutions offerings include:

Data integration - access and deliver data…

Our data integration offering ranges from the traditional Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes to Master Data Management and Big Data Solution.

Whether you are looking for a solution to get a single and most current view of your business entities or a solution to handle large volumes of data, NEC’s IM practice can provide you with tailor made data integration solutions that will address specific business objectives.

Core data integration solutions:

  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution
  • Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) solution
  • Master Data Management (MDM) solution and
  • Big Data integration solution

Data quality - transform data to trusted data…

Most businesses face the challenge of poor data quality and the inability to demonstrate ROI for their technology initiatives. Data flows into your enterprise through multiple channels. Unless you have stringent policies to verify the validity, reliability and integrity of data, the data becomes irrelevant and does not provide a complete and trusted view of your business.

NEC addresses your business data quality problem with a technology agnostic approach. Our IM consultants work with your business SMEs and technical experts to help identify and address the urgent data quality issues that may hinder the success of your business.

Core data quality solutions:

  • Data analysis and Profiling solution
  • Data integrity and Standardization solution
  • Data cleansing solution

Data security – prevent data breach…

Every business holds sensitive information that is both directly or indirectly related to its competitive advantage, and critical to its ongoing success. Businesses that hold sensitive information such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive information such as pricing structures are faced with two major challenges;

  • Data breach – from external sources
  • Insider threats – data theft taking place from within the organisation

Businesses not only need to earn their customers trust but stay compliant to various regulatory bodies. Automating compliance and ensuring ‘Separation Of Duties (SOD)’ are the biggest challenges. With the recent trend to outsourcing work to other countries, the risk of data breach has increased multi-fold.

NEC offers a range of data security solutions to protect your enterprise data:

  • Database Activity Monitoring solution – protect the reputation of your brand and minimise the cost to your business in the event of a data breach.
  • Compliance Management solution – reduce the time and effort your business spends on compliance reporting with a simplified and automated solution.
  • Test Data Management solution – eradicate the data multiplier effect across your various test environments and save costs associated with this problem.
  • Data Privacy solution – mask your business data before handing it over to your service providers.

From ideation to implementation to value generation

NEC is a prominent player in the Australian ICT market. In addition to the solutions discussed above, we offer the following custom solutions that target specific business and technology objectives:

  • Data Modelling/Data Warehousing solution
  • Information Risk Management solution
  • Information Lifecycle Management/Information Governance solution

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