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Information Management - Benefits

Harness the power of business intelligence with the right information management strategy.

Information management is the key to any business or technology initiative in your organisation. Whether you need to harness the benefits of business intelligence or simply ensure collaboration and sharing of corporate data, information management (IM) plays a vital role.

NEC has identified four major areas within IM that addresses specific challenges in an end-to-end enterprise information transformation journey:

  • Data integration
  • Data cleansing
  • Data modelling
  • Data security

Some of the key benefits of deploying an information management solution include:

  • Integrating data from multiple sources (structured and un-structured) for reporting or to perform business analytics
  • Providing a single and most current view of your business entities
  • Addressing data volume, variety and velocity problem – Big Data
  • Cleansing and standardising data to business context
  • Modelling data for operational reporting, departmental BI solution or enterprise data Warehouse
  • High visibility into your database, file share, warehousing and document-sharing transactions that involve sensitive data
  • Building and maintaining a single, secure centralised audit repository for large numbers of heterogeneous systems and databases
  • Protecting brand image by preventing data breaches and insider data thefts

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