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ERP - Benefits

ERP the operational backbone of your business

An ERP system is the operational spine of your business. By integrating your most important business applications you will ensure consistency of shared information. The primary reason to invest in ERP is to increase the productivity of your systems, process and workforce. You will then be able to make business decisions through real time data.

An ERP implementation will enable you to develop, manufacture and move products and services faster. You will be able to process customer orders quicker, deliver to customers in a shorter timeframe which then allows you to invoice customers earlier. At a high level, ERP will give you greater control in developing and setting budgets, refining your manufacturing, warehousing, inventory and product delivery process and give you greater confidence to meet your financial goals.

More directly, implementing an ERP software system gives you:

  • An integrated system that will assist you to remove inefficient processes and streamline activities
  • A single repository of information that is a single version of the truth to make the right decisions
  • Ability to refine, plan, forecast and reduce the cost of your inventory, manufacturing and order processes
  • A consolidated view of your current revenue, sales forecasts, inventory and outstanding payments to better manage your cash flow
  • Real time information to manage your supply chain and address any issues quickly
  • Increased customer satisfaction through consistent quality and delivery of your products and services.

By engaging NEC to implement or upgrade your ERP systems you can take advantage of:

  • Our access to industry leading ERP applications – Oracle’s eBusiness suite and Fusion applications and Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Our range of industry-specific modules
  • Our experience in undertaking hundreds of ERP implementations across Australia with a proven success record.

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