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Customer Experience - Smart Devices

Customers need the ability to interact with your organisation via mobile applications.

Ensuring that your customer has the ability to interact with your organisation via mobile applications is important in optimising customer satisfaction. Many business functions should be designed with mobility in mind, offering the desired functionality on a small screen to be used with a touch interface. Smart phones and tablets significantly increase the productivity of your staff and customers by providing users with access via mobile devices and tablet PCs.

NEC specialises in tailored mobile application development and solutions. The range of options for customers to enable interaction with your organisation is complex. NEC’s Custom software development team will develop websites and applications suitable for mobile access, including those written for iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems (native code based), Adaptive Web, and Balanced/Shell Hybrids which can be used across different smart devices.

Backed by a pedigree of continued NEC Australia investment in mobile communications solutions and patents, NEC’s ongoing investment in a range of technologies means we are uniquely placed to offer advice on your smart device strategies and success in smart device projects.

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