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Customer Experience - Overview

Organisations with higher customer satisfaction deliver better long term results.

Customers have many choices today. So it is critical to ensure your customer experience is as simple, consistent, and relevant as possible. Customer Experience includes every interaction a customer has with your business during their customer lifecycle. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, businesses retain and gain customers while improving efficiency and customer profitability.

All businesses can leverage better customer experiences to:

  • Build lasting customer relationships through positive service and sales interactions.
  • Serve needs in the most cost effective manner.
  • Grow your business and improve revenue, through longer customer retention, improved cross selling and customer acquisition.

Many businesses have fragmented processes for managing customer interactions across multiple channels and devices. The way businesses interact with customers is undergoing transformational change. Customers expect to interact in more ways including social platforms, websites, in-store, mobile devices, and contact centers. They expect quick, highly-personalised and relevant interactions that give them the right information at the right time. Some organisations try to meet this need by using basic CRM capabilities from their Contact Center solution, but these often don’t have the breadth or depth frequently needed.

Traditional views of implementing Customer Relationship Management were effective in improving Customer Experience through enriched knowledge of past customer interactions. However this did little to acknowledge the breadth of customer needs, the proliferation of channels (such as devices, portals and click to call/contact), or their interaction preferences.

Modern Customer Experience solutions need to be rooted in the customer’s needs and enable businesses to access a comprehensive view of the customer. By mapping individual customer needs (sometimes referred to as Journey Mapping), organisations can maintain focus on the end customer and as a result improve their Customer Experience.

A comprehensive Customer Experience solution encompasses deep expertise and integration in:

  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Knowledge management and portals
  • Strategy, governance and planning
  • Customer Analytics (Business Intelligence)
  • Smart devices
  • Contact Center solutions

NEC is uniquely positioned to help organisations transform their customer’s experience. NEC's Customer Experience consultants will work with your business to help you gain and retain valuable customers. We have the skills and experience to design, implement and support a range of customer experience and contact centre solutions to suit your unique business requirements.

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