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Customer Experience - Knowledge Management and Portals

Empower your customers with a centralised portal where they can share and store information, manage documents and publish reports for better decisions.

Your internal and external customers are increasingly researching and interacting with your organisation. Your contact centre or sales teams require access to company information and client data for consistent and efficient resolution of customer queries. Your customers may seek service independently by searching for, finding or providing information without calling or visiting your organisation. This easy, readily available service will improve customer loyalty and satisfaction while reducing customer service delivery costs at the same time.

Creating a branded customer portal also allows you to harness and influence the conversations your customers and staff engage in.

NEC designs, develops and implements customised websites, portals and forums for businesses looking to optimise their Customer Experience. NEC is also a recognised leader in custom software development, specialising in best of breed technologies. NEC works with government and enterprise clients with a focus on a number of key industries – health care, aged care, education, resources, and professional services to name a few.

Using leading web content management tools for your branded website or portal:

  • Makes authoring easier by keeping web content fresh with easy-to-use authoring tools.
  • Simplifies publishing by launching new sites and content with flexible workflows and publishing processes.
  • Provides a location for corporate knowledge of your services and products, and allows that to be associated to specific customer issues and requests.
  • Engages customers and partners through integrated search, rich media, dynamic rendering based on the device used, and social computing.
  • Builds rich web applications based on your existing business systems.
  • Manages a unified content management infrastructure that’s cost effective, compliant, and easy to control.

NEC implements Knowledge Management solutions from its key partners Oracle and Microsoft, with specialist capabilities in RightNow and SharePoint. NEC also has skills in a number of other Content Management solutions. Contact NEC for a discussion to determine the solution which best suits your needs.

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