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Customer Experience - Customer Relationship Management

An effective customer relationship management strategy ensures a superior understanding of your internal and external customers, their interactions and how to gain and retain profitable customers.

It is critical for businesses today to deliver an optimal customer experience when, where and how their customers want it. With the increasing number of channels influencing Customer Experience, businesses require a solution that can access and analyse information from all relevant channels to provide real-time actionable insights for the marketing and customer service teams.

Customer Relationship Management solution help businesses ensure their customers are their highest priority. Having one central point for all your customer information allows you make the right decisions at the right time, so you can manage your customers and employees more effectively. The integration of all customer data from your organisational systems, contact center, social networks, business applications and telephony platforms is at the key to optimising customer experience.

There is an increasing trend of people interacting with and communicating about organisations via social media. Organisations need to incorporate strategies around the effective use of social media channels into their overall customer experience approach.

NEC’s CRM practice is one of the largest and most experienced in the region. Our consultants can develop custom line-of-business CRM applications to meet your organisation’s unique business needs. We have supplied, implemented and customised over 120 CRM sites in Australia for both public and private organisations, both small and large. NEC has the expertise to advise you on the right CRM solution for your business and to implement it quickly and cost effectively. We also experienced in enhancing existing CRM platforms to fulfil broader Customer Experience needs.

Whether you are interested in on-premise CRM solution, or wish to take advantage of cloud technology, NEC can work with you to implement a solution to match your business’ specific needs. The team will assist you to manage virtually any relationship across your business, such as automating corporate processes through workflow management, stakeholder management or case management.

NEC works with leading vendors Microsoft and Oracle within the CRM space.

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution will:

  • Enable streamlined and effective approach to managing relationships and resources.
  • Integrate with your business’s existing software and platforms, including common business tools such as Outlook and Office 365, websites, ERP and marketing systems
  • Increase your sales staff productivity by providing real-time customer data wherever they are.
  • Enable your service team to resolve issues faster and reduce service times with a single, consolidated view of all relevant customer data.
  • Ensure timely and accurate sales forecasting and report generating with built-in business analytics and insights modules

NEC has developed industry-leading solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They will help your business leverage leading practices, reduce implementation timeframes, and provide you with a tried-and-tested solution to your business problems.

Foundation event management - manages a diverse range of event and sponsorship projects and activities, enabling effective management, tracking and reporting via a simple dashboard.

Integrated stakeholder management –engage confidently with stakeholders, and manage, track and report on all interactions via a simple dashboard.

Business asset management - easily track, manage and service business assets. From buildings or billboards to equipment, merchandise and IP, this solution provides a structured view of assets and inventory, as well as enhanced management and reporting.

Coordinated case management - provides a systematic marketing, business development and client care tools. The solution is designed to help you better manage relationships, grow business and drive profits, while improving client satisfaction.

Innovative stakeholder management – Medicare Local - designed to streamline your health services management needs and integrate with your existing management systems. The solution helps you to manage patient and stakeholder relationships to better deliver services for your local area.

Recruitment - focused on finding the right candidates faster, allowing your organisation to do more in less time and deliver improved service to your customers and candidates.

Oracle RightNow will:

  • Provide your customer service team with a single, consolidated view of all relevant customer data.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction through consistent answers to questions, with a knowledge base embedded within the heart of the RightNow solution.
  • Reduce your cost of delivering excellent service, through intelligent identification of relevant knowledge management content.
  • Provide your customers with a wide choice of communication channels including web portals, phone calls and chat sessions, encouraging use of lower cost channels for those scenarios that warrant it.
  • Ensure timely and accurate sales forecasting and report generating with built-in business analytics and insights modules.
  • Through integrated surveys (including Nett Promoter Scores) and Customer satisfaction assessments, continually improve customer satisfaction.

The Oracle RightNow Cloud Service combines web, social and contact center experiences for a unified, omni-channel service solution in the Cloud. The solution integrates seamlessly with the best existing contact center solutions such as ZEACOM and Genesys, to help your staff effectively manage customer interactions to build loyalty and drive revenue.

NEC’s sizable and skilled team reduce the cost and risk of RightNow implementations for your business through their deep solution set expertise, robust industry certified processes, and depth of capability.

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