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Customer Experience - Contact Center Capabilities

Efficiently connect your customers with knowledgeable staff – wherever they are.

Customers expect to interact with your organisation in a variety of ways. Whether they contact you via phone, face to face, click to call/chat, web portal via phone or tablet, you need to be able to accommodate their requests. Some customers have a preference for one channel, but most customers will vary their choice based on the type of information they need or the decision they wish to make. Irrespective of which channel your customers choose, they expect to communicate with individuals in your organisation who understand them. They expect to communicate with someone who knows all of their past interactions, responds appropriately for the channel being used and satisfies their needs all in a suitable timeframe.

Contact Center technologies are designed to help those interactions reach the right people in your organisation efficiently and irrespective of the channel selected. As a leader in Contact Center and telephony solutions, NEC Australia understands the importance of contact center solutions in driving Customer Experience initiatives.

NEC’s Contact Center and Customer Relationship Management platforms deliver a seamless experience for your inbound and outbound customer interactions. NEC’s solutions enable your organisation to prioritise workloads, irrespective of channel or business unit, with knowledge of the customer.

Many organisations have experienced both significant service cost savings and improved customer experience, by pairing NEC’s dynamic Contact Center capabilities with Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Management elements.

Contact NEC today to discuss how this experience can be applied your organisation.

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