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IP DECT Messenger: M155 - Overview

If your organisation relies on staff messaging or alarms, you can trust the M155 to support your services.

medical use m155

Never miss an important message or alert

The UNIVERGE M155 IP DECT Messenger is a sophisticated wireless messaging device for use in professional healthcare and hospitality environments. The small device is easy to carry and provides optimal mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort.

The M155 also features a speakerphone communication and acts as a personal alarm.

IP DECT Messenger M155 at a glance

  • three-line display
  • easy to carry (on wrist or as necklace)
  • intuitive interface
  • full control over their accessibility
  • seamlessly integrates with the PBX and (messaging) applications
  • complies with the DECT standards for high quality speech and security (DECT authentication)
  • simple to service and maintain.

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