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IP DECT Handset G566 - Overview

  • Overview

Multi-line mobile handset.

DECT Handset G566

The IP DECT Handset G566 is a sophisticated handset that provides a range of mobile unified communications and messaging capabilities to fulfil task management and staff/patient safety scenarios in various businesses, hospitality and healthcare.

  • Provides many different call control features seamlesslyintegrated with the PBX
  • Dedicated line keys with led indication for multi-line functionality
  • Any place accessibility improving customer satisfaction through efficient call handling
  • Valuable unified communications, including central directory access
  • A robust design and intuitive user interface with colour display and icon based menus
  • A dual charger allowing an additional battery to be charged
  • Provides freedom, comfort and flexibility to the user with options such as headset and built-in trembler
  • DECT compliance for high quality speech and security
  • High definition audio in line with CAT-iq

IP DECT Handset G566 at a glance

  • Appealing design, easy to use handset
  • Increased accessibility
  • Flexibility, comfort and mobility
  • High-end mobile communications device for voice and messaging
  • Reduced communication and maintenance costs
  • A simple, secure, feature-rich solution

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