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IP DECT Access Points: AP400 - Features

On-site wireless telephony on your IP Network

IP DECT adds the following wireless telephony features:

  • Wireless DECT handsets that integrate in any IP telephony network.
  • Rich PBX-type features on the handset.
  • Unified Communications features with central directory information.
  • Powerful messaging, alarming and handset localisation, through the open interface DMLS.
  • Supports 11 simultaneous calls or 5 simultaneous calls in HD-Voice quality (G722).
  • High scalability up to 750 Access Points.
  • Compatible with existing AP200 and AP300 versions of IP DECT Access Points.
  • High availability by adding a second DAP controller for redundancy or multiple local DAP controllers for local survivability.
  • Optional G.729 compression with add-on board.
  • Secure voice communication through DECT authentication and encryption.
  • Support of Handset Messaging up to 160 characters.
  • Main and branch office support over LAN/WAN.
  • Easy maintenance: downloadable software and web based tooling.
  • Increased reachability and productivity of employees.
  • Easy deployment and installation: plug and play.
  • Cost savings on infrastructure and cellular use.
  • All the voice quality, security, availability and feature transparency of DECT.

      For product specifications, please download the brochure.

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