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Softphone SP350 - Features

sp350 features hero

UNIVERGE Soft Client SP350 features include:

  • Simple and easy to use — intuitive graphical user interface means SP350 is easy to use, but also delivers the telephony capabilities you would expect from a NEC desk phone.
  • Multi-party video conferencing — Participants (up to 8 parties) can talk face-to-face with a camera connected to their PC.
  • Instant Message (IM) — IM can be sent to up to 8 people at a time. You can place a phone call or send a reply mail right after receiving an IM.
  • Search — “Phone book”, “Contacts”, and “Call history” can be searched. The search result can be used to refer to related information, place a call, or send an IM.
  • Communication board for sharing data — The same data can be referenced or operated on their own PCs during a call. Comments and notes can be added “on the fly”, and the data can be saved for later reference.
  • Creation of contacts list — Registering to the contact list makes phone call or IM operation easier, allowing SP350 users to choose the most suitable method of communication; phone call when the other party is present, mail when away, or IM when on the phone or when leaving the seat temporarily.
  • Chat — Up to 8 people can participate in a meeting using the chat function.
  • File transfer — Information files can be transferred by a “drag and drop” operation during a meeting. Files can be transferred to a selected person.
  • Confirm other party’s status — Option available for users to set up feature to check status of another party (such as “online” or “on the phone”) before placing an internal call.
  • Collaboration with other terminals — SP350 users have the option to use a terminal connected to the IP telephony server as a handset.

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