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Touch Screen Phone: UT880 - The perfect phone

Touch Screen Phone: UT880

Full featured desk phone

The NEC UT880 is designed from the ground up to deliver you the best telephony experience. With a high quality handset for natural sounding voice, a full duplex wideband speaker with an omnidirectional microphone for exceptional hands-free operation and wired headset support for all day operation.

The UT880 is packed with all the telephony features you need. It delivers up to 32 lines for handling calls or accessing features and common numbers. It also provides one touch access to common features like hold, transfer, conference, directory and call logs, the UT880 delivers the experience you demand.

The phone is fitted with a flashing ring indication light so you know when you have a voice mail, an incoming call, or an alert from any installed applications. You can also customise the ring tones to stand out from the crowd.

To make a call simply lift the handset. The phone dialler will pop to the front so you can handle your calls. Simply press the back button to get back to your application or press the home key to choose the application you wish to use.

UC integration

The UT880 also integrates into you Unified Communications solution of choice. For SV9100 users you can access the UC Suite directly from the phone application, for SV9300 & SV9500 users the Unified Communications for Enterprise (UCE) mobile client (MC550) can be installed.

You will get access to:


  • Your complete corporate and personal directories.
  • Real-time presence of contacts.
  • The ability to send and receive instant messages.
  • Click-to-dial.
  • Access Voicemail and Unified messages.

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