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Touch Screen Phone: UT880 - Overview

The desktop phone re-invented


Increasing technological innovation of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of a new breed of desktop phone. NEC’s UNIVERGE Touchscreen Desktop Telephone integrates the traditional desktop telephone and an Andriod tablet into one device—providing you with an innovative, feature-packed phone that revolutionises your calling experience.

Smart, sleek and easy to use, the UT880 is designed to improve overall user experience, while remaining intuitive – without the need for extensive user training. Finally a desk phone that works just like the one in your pocket.

As you would expect, feature rich telephony is core to the UT880 with access to all the same phone features you would get from any top end NEC desk phone.

The UT880 allows you to integrate into your on-site Unified Communications solution be that either SV9100’s UC Suite or the SV9300 / SV9500’s UCE suite.

The preinstalled applications store (NEC Marketplace) allows you to explore and install applications from a curated and verified list of hundreds of applications designed to improve your user experience and provide you with real business benefits.

At a glance

A full, seven-inch colour display with four-finger multi-touch capabilities.


  • A multi-line client that emulates a top of the line NEC telephone.
  • Integration with UC Suite on the SV9100 platform.
  • Integration with the UCE suite on the SV9300 and SV9500 platforms.
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability.
  • Built-in camera for video conferencing.
  • Access to a huge library of Android applications.
  • USB and SD storage expansion options.

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