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MultiSync 55-Inch Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Public Display: X551UN - Technologies Used

Advanced Cooling System

  • Prevents the likeliness of image retention and improves colour uniformity.

Built-In Expansion Slot

  • Allows for seamless integration of current and future NEC accessories and third-party components.

Cable Comp™

  • Equalizes the video signal to eliminate colour halos on long cable runs.

Carbon Footprint Meter

  • Informs and motivates responsible use of the display by calculating and tracking the conservation of green gas emissions in real time.

LED Edge-lit Display

Enables a mere 1.7” unit depth, creating installation opportunities in even the tightest of spaces.

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)

  • The first industry-wide standardization in option slots that allows for easier installation, use and maintenance of digital signage.

Round-The-Clock Scheduler

Allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down, increasing panel lifetime, reducing power consumption and saving the time and expense of finding and purchasing a third-party scheduling solution.

Thermal Protection Panel.

  • Starts with an extra thermal layer on the display panel to diffuse heat, followed by a fan-based technology specifically designed to work in both landscape and portrait modes and be controlled locally or remotely. Internal temperature sensors control self-protective circuits, while special self-diagnostics communicate the status of thermal characteristics.


  • Allows users to customize a video wall configuration using advanced On Screen Display controls.

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