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MultiSync 46-Inch High Bright LCD Information Display: X462HB - Technologies Used

Sealed Panel Design

  • Prevents contaminants like dust, grease or steam from damaging the panel.

Ambient Light Sensor

  • Automatically adjusts the backlight and power management depending on the ambient lighting brightness.

Thermal Protection Panel

  • Starts with an extra thermal layer on the display panel to diffuse heat, followed by a fan-based technology specifically designed to work in both landscape and portrait modes and be controlled locally or remotely. Internal temperature sensors control self-protective circuits, while special self-diagnostics communicate the status of thermal characteristics.

Advanced Cooling System

  • Prevents the likeliness of image retention and improves color uniformity.


  • Automatically eliminates geometrical distortions between displays by adjusting for the width of the monitor bezels, working in tandem with TileMatrix on NEC displays (some data on the screen will be lost in the area of the bezels).

Built-In Expansion Slot

  • Allows for seamless integration of current and future NEC accessories and third-party components.

Landscape/Portrait Capable

  • Allows for distortion-free display of content in various orientations, creating new application opportunities.

Round-The-Clock Scheduler

  • Allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down, increasing panel lifetime, reducing power consumption and saving the time and expense of finding and purchasing a third-party scheduling solution.

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