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55-inch Touch Integrated Large Screen Display : V552-TM - Overview


NEC MultiSync® V552-TM is the new multi-touch product of NEC’s V Series boasting 55" in size and delivering true multitouch support with up to 6 simultaneous touch points. Thanks to a unique anti reflective coating, reflections are reduced to a minimum which significantly increases the readability of the content shown. The OPS option slot for e.g. a slot-in PC helps to save space and does away with any cables including the USB cable external PC solutions may need.


V552-TM is ideal for retail signage, way finding, conference room and education applications delivering short response times and a high level of accuracy.



  • Multi-Touch - true multi-touch support with up to 6 simultaneous touch points, gesture control for Windows 7/8, Mac and Linux driver support.


  • Infrared Touch - offering quick touch response and perfect usability.


  • Driver-free - no need to install any drivers on the host PC for all major operating systems. Interface to host PC is USB HID protocol with no drivers, calibration or application software on the host.


  • Calibration-free - due to robust and accurate design, no drift, mechanical alignment or temperature issues. No re-calibration of the touch system necessary.


  • Comprehensive Touch Usage - possible usage with Finger, Stylus and Gloves.


  • Protective Glass - single anti-reflection coating for perfect visibility, premium toughened glass for security.


  • Future Ready with OPS Cable Free Expansion - upgrade the power of your display at any time without the need for external cables or devices.

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