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MultiSync 24-Inch Professional LCD Display: PA241W-BK-HG - Overview

When colour accuracy is everything, trust the 24-inch MultiSync professional display for professional graphics and photography.

pa241 hero

Consistent colour performance for demanding projects

Tackle even your most demanding colour-critical projects with the 24-inch NEC MultiSync PA241W-BK, a widescreen LCD display ideal for graphics and photography applications. This model is calibrated with test reports and is zero dead pixels guaranteed.

With its dynamic design, wide colour gamut, 14-bit 3D LUT, eco-friendly features and high brightness, this display sets a new benchmark for accurate, consistent and repeatable colour performance.

The MultiSync 24-inch Professional at a glance:

  • 98.1 per cent coverage of AdobeRGB colour space
  • superior screen performance (1000:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1200 native resolution, 360cd/m2 brightness)
  • supports internal programmable 14-bit 3D lookup tables (LUTs) for calibration
  • DisplaySync Pro™ controls two computers with one keyboard and mouse
  • Colour Vision Emulation for type P/D/T supporting Colour Universal Design
  • AmbiBright™ ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness based on lighting conditions
  • extra-wide viewing technology provides for the widest viewing angles available with minimal off-angle colour shift
  • wide connectivity includes DisplayPort, two DVI-D inputs and USB hub
  • optional MultiProfiler application provides an intuitive interface to control the display’s sophisticated technologies.

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