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SpectraView II 24-inch Solution: LCD2490-SVII - Technologies Used


Delivers wide viewing angles of up to 178º horizontally and vertically (up to 89º up, down, left and right) with less colour shift and without any glare, reflection or distortion.


Allows up to 3 inputs VGA, DVI-I and DVI-D to be connected to a single monitor. Allows for each of the three signals to be displayed with the press of a button.


This electronically improves screen uniformity and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance using newly designed signal processing circuitry.


Selectable and programmable 12 bit gamma including a custom selection from .5 to 4.0 and preprogrammed DICOM and S-Curve settings. For optimum color selection of 16 million colors form a palette of 68.5 billion.

X-light Pro

X-LightTM Pro uses a internal backlight sensor to maintain a consistent light output for the useful life of the display as well as correcting for short term fluctuations. This allows the display to maintain consistancy and calibration for use in medical and colour critical applications.


Automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions. Also allows the monitor to be ste to automatically enter a power-saving mode when the ambient lighting falls below a predetermined value (i.e.when office lights are shut off at the end of the day), which can significantly reduce energy expenses.

Rapid Response

Provides for uninterrupted display of full motion video with response times as quick as 4ms. It delivers streaming video without noticeable ghosting or blurring, while achieving as many as 250 frames per second (fps). This remarkably quick motion makes displays better than ever for gaming and video applications such as presentations and streaming web video.


For analog or digital inputs, corrects for input signal distortion caused by long cables and low output levels of video cards.This technology uses a digitized signal delay circuit to automatically compensate for each red, green and blue cable's length and video signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction.


Eco-Mode conserve energy by allowing you to define a setting for the backlight at a 50 or 75% brightness level. Also calculates power saving in Watts Per Hour


This software offers an expanded and intuitive graphical interface allowing you to more easily adjust display settings via mouse and keyboard. The administrator version utilizes the monitor's advanced control and diagnostics capabilities to provide IT professionals with remote access to monitor settings over their existing network.


Allows LCD-based monitors to achieve standard sRGB colour and create precise colour images for still images, moving pictures and, in particular, for real-time videos. It uses 6-axis colour data in its calculations, thereby using the colour the colour reproduction limits of the original devices to their full extent. It also enables the correction of an individual colour without affecting the other colours of the image. A range of colours is freely available, so the user can simply, yet precisely, control individual color reproduction.


Allows you to build video walls of various configurations (up to 5 x 5) through the advanced OSD.


Designed to work in tandem with Tile Matrix on NEC monitors. TileComp automatically adjusts for the width of the monitor bezels to compensate for geometrical distortions. However some data on the screen will be lost in the area of the bezels.


No Touch Auto Adjust allows the monitor's image settings to be automatically adjusted to optimal settings upon intial power on.

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