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Telefonica, NEC Provide Spanish Businesses with Cloud-Accessed Desktop Applications

Telefonica, NEC Provide Spanish Businesses with Cloud-Accessed Desktop Applications

Date: 19 Oct 2010
Category: Cloud technology

NEC Corporation announced today that it will provide Telefónica with cloud computing technology to enable its business customers to access a virtualised remote desktop and office suite applications via any device, from smartphones to PCs. Telefónica will deploy the cloud computing technology, NEC’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution, as part of its extended strategic partnership with NEC to build and manage cloud computing services for large and small- to medium-sized businesses in Spain.

“The low-cost, high-processing power provided by applications accessed across the cloud places smaller businesses on a level-playing field with larger businesses, opening up new commercial opportunities.  NEC’s cloud, IT and network services and expertise are enabling Telefónica to tap these transformative opportunities that are emerging quickly for business and enterprise,” said Jaime Serrano, Chief Executive Officer, NEC Iberica.

NEC’s virtual desktop solution enables Telefónica to offer their business customers a virtual PC service that provides a series of benefits.  These benefits include desktop access everywhere and anytime; cost-effective, reliable and easy access to the latest business applications instead of diverting valuable resources to the research, purchase, installation and management of software on desktops and laptops; cost savings against the management and maintenance associated with standard desktops and laptops; security against hardware theft or damage since all data is saved on a server.

The move follows Telefónica and NEC’s cloud computing partnership to deploy SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in Spain, branded Telefónica “Aplicateca” to SMEs and large enterprises as well as SaaS, VDI solutions and applications in Latin America.   Thousands of new users have taken up the Aplicateca service every month since its launch in 2009.

NEC and Telefónica will conduct a joint feasibility study examining IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and the potential market opportunities in Spain for Telefónica.

NEC’s Cloud Competence Centre, based in Madrid, is a resource for telecom operators looking to provide cloud services and applications to their customers.  It comprises a global network of knowledge, services, solutions and technology.


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