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NEC Proves New iPASOLINK Platform in Carrier Ethernet Interoperability Tests

NEC Proves New iPASOLINK Platform in Carrier Ethernet Interoperability Tests

Date: 21 Sep 2010
Category: Microwave communications

NEC Corporation announced today at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress 2010 in Warsaw, Poland that it has successfully tested its recently launched backhaul platform - iPASOLINK - during the EANTC (European Advanced Network Test Centre) Carrier Ethernet interoperability testing event in Berlin.

This year’s event tested more than 100 devices from 24 participating vendors, including packet microwave solutions such as iPASOLINK.  NEC, in cooperation with EANTC and the participating vendors, is showcasing the results at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress 2010 in Warsaw, 20th – 23rd September 2010.

“Carrier Ethernet is on the way to the next level of enlightenment; advanced solutions for challenging markets are being targeted.  In our two-week hot-staging test we noticed that mobile backhaul solutions are driving a lot of innovation in the industry.  It is great to see that the industry keeps pace with challenging operator requirements, even in multi-vendor environments,” commented Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director, EANTC (*1).

“Following our recently announced iPASOLINK platform launch we are pleased to have been able to demonstrate the mature performance and implementation of Carrier Ethernet as a carrier transport technology on the new mobile backhaul platform from NEC.  These results echo our customers’ confidence in using iPASOLINK to transform their backhaul networks towards LTE (*2) while at the same time experiencing the unique business benefits of a converged platform architecture,” said Morio Ito, Chief Manager, Global Network Division, NEC Corporation.

The choice of tests to which iPASOLINK was subjected reflects NEC’s focus on high-performance packet microwave technologies in conjunction with Carrier Ethernet transport features.  Tests included hitless Adaptive Modulation Radio (AMR) at high channel capacities, Synchronous Ethernet and a functional subset of Ethernet Operations and Maintenance (OAM) standard.

iPASOLINK platform is the next generation of PASOLINK products.  Since the launch in the early 1980s and with the rapid growth of mobile communications, PASOLINK has been widely adopted as a microwave communications system for mobile backhaul, with shipments of approximately 1.5 million units throughout 141 countries. Since 2007, NEC has secured the top global market share in microwave communications systems for three years in a row (*3).

Note to editors:

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*2: LTE - Long-Term Evolution

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