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NEC Launches World’s First Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner that Acquires Fingerprint and Finger Vein Data Simultaneously without Contact

NEC Launches World’s First Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner that Acquires Fingerprint and Finger Vein Data Simultaneously without Contact

Date: 28 Feb 2011
Category: New Technology

NEC announced today the commercial launch of the world’s first device to simultaneously acquire fingerprint and finger vein characteristics without physical contact. Worldwide shipment of the “HS100-10 Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner” (HS100-10) is scheduled to begin in May, 2011.

The HS100-10’s simultaneous acquisition of both fingerprint and finger vein information makes it particularly difficult for impostors to deceive the authentication system using it. Moreover, the system’s contactless sensor is robust against the characteristics of fingers that are exceedingly dry or moist with exceptional accuracy, which is difficult for conventional contact-based fingerprint authentication devices.   

Furthermore, the HS100-10’s USB interface allows users to connect with a PC in order to logon to its operating system or unlock its screensaver in both a stand-alone environment and an ActiveDirectory(R)(*1) environment.

Lance Heather, Senior Product Specialist, NEC Australia said:  “As identity theft increases, the Australian Government, Federal Police, coroners and even banks are increasingly demanding more stringent management and control of personal authentication. NEC’s contactless fingerprint device uses ultrasound technology which bounces off the finger and provides images of the finger and the veins. No longer do emergency service field workers or Police field units attending public events need to take a larger, more robust device. They can now take this laptop bag sized technology onsite where security is critical and ID required.”
The HS100-10 is also compatible with major access management software, including IBM’s “Tivoli(R) Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On” and Novell’s “Novell SecureLogin,” This combination of support for ID and access management with bio metric data significantly reduces user concerns regarding the proliferation of user IDs and passwords.  

NEC holds the No.1 position in a number of fingerprint and face recognition fields based on accuracy evaluations carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)(*2). Moreover, NEC’s possession of the world’s highest level original recognition algorithm is supported by the company’s diverse range of customers who utilise NEC products. The HS100-10 was developed utilizing these business-proven technologies and know-how.  

Looking forward, NEC will provide the “Hybrid Finger Authentication Development Library” in order for the HS100-10 to be used with a broad range of business packages and user applications. Future, development plans include a steady rollout of solutions linked with business applications such as electronic medical records system.

Currently, there is an increasing demand for more stringent management of personal authentication and internal controls geared for business and government. Under these conditions, fingerprint authentication is a highly accurate and secure technique that is already used for a wide variety of purposes. When used in combination with NEC’s originally developed vein authentication advancements, these biometric authentication technologies are a formidable defence against identity theft.

NEC will continue to promote the development and sales of products and services that capitalize on advanced biometric authentication technologies as part of its ongoing contributions to a safer, more secure society.
NEC will exhibit the HS100-10 at "Pulse 2011" in Las Vegas, USA from February 27, 2011.

For more information on HS100-10, please visit



  • **1) Directory Service System developed by Microsoft Corporation
  • **2) Notable NIST test results
    Finger Print
    -FpVTE2003 (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation 2003) - 1st Rank
    -SlapSeg04 (Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation 2004) - 1st Rank
    -SDK Study (Software Development Kit Study for Finge rprint 2004 - 1st Rank
    -ELFT07 Phase II (Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technology) - 1st Rank in 2009
    Face recognition
    -Ranked No.1 in Still Face Challenge Problem of MBGC (Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge) held by
    NIST in 2008-2009


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