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NEC Australia's new SL1100 voice system keeps SMBs simply connected

NEC Australia's new SL1100 voice system keeps SMBs simply connected

Date: 12 Sep 2012
Category: Telephony

MELBOURNE – 12 September 2012 – NEC Australia, one of Australia’s leading technology companies, today announced the launch of the NEC SL1100 voice platform, a powerful, cost-effective and simple-to-use communications tool designed specifically for Australian SMB and SOHO needs.

Faced with ongoing economic uncertainty, small Australian businesses are seeking innovative and reliable communications solutions that drive down costs, improve workforce performance and simplify operations.

The easy-to-install NEC SL1100 voice platform is designed to help Australian small businesses do just this, providing a competitively priced platform and handsets that minimise up-front capital costs. The SL1100’s multi-carrier interface, including SIP, offers the flexibility to choose a preferred service provider or leverage VoIP to drive down voice costs.

Capable of supporting up to 40 digital, analogue or IP extensions, the SL1100 offers abundant scalability for future growth, while intelligent features build value within the organisation by enabling agile voice communications to improve workforce responsiveness.

“Voice remains the backbone of customer interactions and to succeed in today’s competitive environment, small businesses need flexibility and agility to ensure staff are able to deliver an outstanding customer experience,” said NEC Australia’s executive general manager of channel, Andy Hurt.

Designed to build flexibility into organisational processes, NEC’s SL1100 mobile extension allows staff to remain contactable on a single office number regardless of their location. The platform can also seamlessly and securely extend office communications to a home office while the 16 party dial-in conference facility ensures rapid resolution can be achieved in a distributed office environment.

Greater efficiencies are gained through the SL1100’s Auto Attendant, a front desk automation feature that redirects incoming calls to relevant staff without human interaction. Voicemail Notification automatically forwards messages via email to relevant personnel, allowing staff to access voicemail from a desktop or mobile phone to better manage their voice mailbox and streamline workflows.

“Australian SMB and SOHO businesses have faced a lengthy period of uncertainty and are looking for innovative and reliable solutions to drive down costs. Our SL1100 offers SMBs a powerful tool to deliver immediate efficiencies while building long term value into the organisation’s processes,” said Andy.
“Customers can achieve this success with the added assurance of NEC Australia’s nationwide, around the clock support,” Andy added.

NEC Australia has delivered outstanding innovation, service and support to Australian small business and large enterprise for the past 40 years. With over 1600 staff and a nationwide network of 200 accredited channel partners, NEC Australia delivers the highest quality sales and support throughout the country.

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For media enquiries please contact:
Angela Coombes
Public Relations Manager
NEC Australia
T: 02 9930 2234
M: 0417 805 441


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