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NEC Australia's Award-winning Mobile Access Controller wins again

NEC Australia's Award-winning Mobile Access Controller wins again

Date: 26 Jul 2010
Category: Innovation

NEC Australia has won the 2010 Australian Business Award for its Mobile Access Controller (MAC), in the Product Innovation category. This is the second award that NEC has received this month for its innovative MAC, winning the Victorian State Communications Award in the recent iAwards.

The MAC solution delivers a smart vehicle platform, allowing organisations with metropolitan and regional fleets to transmit voice and data over multiple networks such as 3G, private radio and satellite, providing continuous coverage regardless of individual network boundaries or black spots. It was designed to provide high reliability voice and data to field staff to meet their needs for safety. Through the use of a single human machine interface, it provides a work-safe vehicle environment. It also enables operational cost reduction through improved communication efficiency.

Commenting on their win, NEC’s Assistant General Manager Tom Henry said the award reinforced just how innovative the MAC was.

“The MAC is a world first in its ability to provide seamless voice and data communications regardless of the underlying network. The MAC’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces extend the range beyond the vehicle to hand held devices.

Tom said: “MAC provides a standard user friendly interface regardless of the complexity of underlying networks.  It enables emergency services and fleet operators using different networks to maintain constant communications without swapping handsets and terminals. For emergency services the MAC is a enabler of inter-agency communications, which improves the ability for services to deal with emergencies and critical incidents.”

“We are very proud to receive the Product Innovation Award for the MAC, which was locally developed at NEC’s R&D Centre in Melbourne.  The Australian Business Award clearly demonstrates our ability to develop sophisticated and innovative solutions; we are leading the market with our MAC technology.”

A number of organisations have already embraced the new technology, including the Victorian Sheriff’s Office, G4S and Telstra.

The Australian Business Award for Innovation recognises organisations that have made significant contributions to their industry through research and development resulting in the introduction of a new idea, method, technology, process or application of social, environmental and/or economic benefit.

NEC Australia was one of 105 Australian Business Award recipients which received a total of 1849 separate entries from 962 organisations. The Australian Business Awards are a national program honouring organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries through an established series of business and product award categories.


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