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NEC Australia powers the nation's Digital TV switchover

NEC Australia powers the nation's Digital TV switchover

Date: 29 Jun 2010
Category: Microwave communications

NEC Australia today announced it will drive 99.9% of high powered digital television terrestrial signals across Australia, as the first region, Mildura, turns off its analogue signals and moves solely to digital television on June 30.

NEC Australia has powered many of the country's analogue transmissions for nearly forty years and will continue to be the main supplier of high-powered television transmission equipment as Australia goes digital. It has been installing digital video broadcast transmitters nationally since 2000, as well as providing in-country support and maintenance.

NEC’s product quality, expertise and experience, and the strength and size of its service organisation have helped ensure it will continue as the main provider of Australia’s television transmissions into the digital age.

David Cooke, Group Manager at NEC Australia said: “Despite the ever growing sophistication of home entertainment such as Personal Video Recorders, time shifting, High Definition players and 3D broadcasts, the underlying expectation is that when you turn on the TV you get a broadcast picture. That’s what NEC has been providing in analogue for many years and we’re now delivering the same level of quality and reliability to the digital world.”

“For the last decade we’ve been assisting Broadcasters across the country with their digitalisation projects to provide Australians with more choice, better services, and enhanced sound and picture quality.”

NEC has more than 50 years experience in television broadcasting across analogue, digital, satellite and IPTV. More than 100 countries use NEC equipment and services to power their television broadcasts using traditional terrestrial and mobile standards such as DVB-H and DVB-T2.


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