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NEC Australia Launches NEC Live, a fully managed Digital Signage solution available as a hosted or on-premise solution

NEC Australia Launches NEC Live, a fully managed Digital Signage solution available as a hosted or on-premise solution

Date: 20 Jul 2010
Category: Digital Signage Solutions

NEC Australia today launched NEC Live, the first fully integrated digital signage solution available in Australia. The solution offers organisations a fully managed solution that includes displays, content creation and management software, network and display hardware, with the ability to distribute dynamic video, images and text onto direct display screens anywhere, anytime.

NEC Live can be fully hosted and managed by NEC or can be managed as a whole solution by the customer on-premise. NEC Live provides organisations with greater flexibility and ease to dramatically display compelling digital advertising or information content across their network at anytime.

NEC Live can aggregate information from internal and external sources such as video content, RSS feeds for latest news and weather, internal business applications such as ERP or CRM systems to easily display relevant and contextual information to staff, customers or the public. NEC Live has an easy to use interface, but allows users to produce eye-catching and professional content to capture audiences’ attention.

NEC Live provides organisations with the capability to integrate digital signage into front-of-house customer facing surrounds as well as integrating it into the back-end environment. It is suitable for a range of environments including corporate, call centres, warehouse and logistics organisations and trading floors, as well as banking institutions, hospitality venues and retail spaces.

Paul Sketchley, Digital Signage Product Manager, NEC said: “Digital signage is being increasingly adopted as an efficient and effective way of delivering targeted information to customers and staff.  The challenge is the complexity and additional management headaches that it can bring to organisations to effectively aggregate the right information and deliver it the right people.  NEC Live removes this headache making it easy to bring multiple information flows together and deliver them to displays in multiple locations.”

NEC cited an example implementation in a bank, where it could push information to ATM machine screens to reach customers, to the large LCD screens delivering advertising to customers as they wait in line, as well as displays positioned in the bank offices to provide updates and training to staff.  As a whole, digital signage provides the platform for efficient customer and staff communication.

NEC Live allows organisations to display content across their network onto targeted panels, based on individual schedules and requirements. The technology also allows for specific content to be distributed to specific panels, making it popular for organisations with state-based operations, franchise locations and those with a host of departments.

The management and delivery platform can be managed by customers or NEC and used as an on-premise or a hosted solution to reduce cost and complexity for customers.  As a managed service, NEC will supply and support the displays and entire network infrastructure.

NEC Live is initially targeted at the hospitality, healthcare, education, travel, government and retail environments. NEC Live provides the flexibility to trial different promotions in certain regions and then measure the sales uplift and customer demographic through the point of sale systems before deploying the promotion more widely.  The effect of dynamic content has been proved to uplift sales and in turn increase profits.

Sketchley continued: “Take an example of the retail industry. Displays in the warehouse could show the stock levels and the number of sales made through the point of sale systems, as well as predicting customer demand, allowing more informed efficient and proactive stock control.”

NEC Live is unique from many other digital signage offerings by using minimal bandwidth – a key focus for CIOs cautious about overloading network capacity. It uses technology that transmits only content changes, rather than a complete refresh, saving significant bandwidth.

Sketchley continued: “We are one of a few who are capable of offering a complete bundled solution of competitive sub units like NEC Live Media Players, commercial LCD Panels, network connectivity and most importantly, three year on-site support coupled to 7 x 24 hours Support contact centre as required.”

NEC Live includes a suite of Windows-based applications with open interfaces enabling customers to create compelling content, then schedule and distribute that content across small or large scale networks of display panels to specific locations.

Offering organisations increased audience attention and retention of messages, NEC LIVE provides:

  • Dramatically more eye-catching content
  • The ability to instantly update or add-to content for an up-to-the-minute information service
  • Deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations at specific times
  • Key saving is in the reduction through content creation in-house and distribution.


NEC provides a three-year on-site warranty with advance replacement for the Digital Signage Media Player and LCD Panels.

Demo of NEC Live

To view a preview of NEC Live’s content creation software Live Artist visit


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