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NEC Australia delivers its 2,000th Broadband for Seniors Kiosk

Date: 18 Feb 2011
Category: Broadband

NEC Australia today announced the Yarraville Senior Citizens Centre, as the 2000th live site, completing delivery of the Australian Government’s $15 million Broadband for Seniors initiative.

Since the initiative launched in September 2009, an estimated 94,000 seniors across Australia have had access to the kiosks and training in sites from Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia to Swansea, Tasmania, dramatically increasing the availability of internet services and building their confidence in using technology.

David Cooke, Group Manager, NEC Australia, said: “Since launching Broadband for Seniors in 2009, we have seen a fantastic response from both volunteers and community organisations wanting to get involved. The benefits that the initiative offers older Australians – such as providing a supportive environment to gain knowledge and skills in using computers and the internet – have certainly been realised. One major outcome emerging is the sheer number of older Australians connecting with distant family members both in Australia and overseas”

Since the initiative kicked off, over 43,000 online lessons have been completed, with the most popular courses being Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Word Processing, Introduction to the Internet and Introduction to Email.

Cooke continued: “Many participants have also told us that the kiosks have not only helped them feel more connected with their communities, families and friends, but also helped them lose the fear of using computers, and helped them embrace technology as a new way of keeping in touch.”

According to Tony Camilleri, President Yarraville Senior Citizens Club, “We are so excited to have the 2000th Broadband for Seniors kiosk in Yarraville! The kiosk will give our members the opportunity to learn new things, which is vital for healthy brain function, and will give them access to a range of services and information that are vital to their well-being.”

According to NEC Australia’s Mr Cooke: “IT literacy is only going to become more important as Australia’s population ages, and e-health & home based services become the norm. NEC Australia is committed to partnering with government and private providers to ensure that the IT needs of Australian communities are met and recently partnered with the Aged Care industry to deliver Cloud based clinical care solutions nationally to Residential Aged Care facilities.”

The Australian Government’s Broadband for Seniors initiative has been delivered and managed by NEC Australia, leading a consortium of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, the University of the Third Age Online (U3A Online) and Adult Learning Australia. NEC provided the contract management, project management, staff, PC and broadband technology.  

For media enquiries please contact:
Will Clarke
NEC Australia Pty Ltd
Tel: 0488 34 54 64


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